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Green Seal Products


For all your hard floor cleaning needs. Super concentrated. Green seal certified. Use for mopping, tile & grout cleaning, and auto-scrubbing.

1 Gallon $16.95

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Heavy degreasing with power, safety & sustainability for all your industrial needs. Has no hazardous ingredients, no VOCs. Neutral ph-no bleaching, fading or damage will occur. Safe for any water-safe surface.

QT. RTUSE $6.95
1 Gallon $19.95

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H2Orange 2

95% general cleaning EPA registered total facility care cleaner, sanitizer, virucide. Deodorizer. Kills Hepatitis B virus. Available with dispensing option system.

1 Gallon $38.95

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Mineral Shock

A reduced toxicity alternative to acid based mineral cleaners. Made with a unique combination of organic salt and safe degreasing agents.

QT. RTUSE $8.95
1 Gallon Conc. $38.80

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> Home > Carpet Care Chemicals > Green Seal Products